Sound Meditation with Ulli

What is sound meditation? Are there benefits? 

Sound meditation is the practice of using music and sound to improve well-being and the overall health. The vibration of the sound can put us in a meditative and relaxed state. This relaxed state of slowing down our active mind and life allows the body, mind, and soul to be more present with ourselves. People may experience stress relief and/or deep relaxation, calmness, relief of tensions in the body and mind most commonly associated with stress management, anxiety, mood swings, and pain management. 

SOUND MEDITATION with Ulli Meta   

Join me for a unique experience in sound and sound meditation. Allow yourself to lie back, relax, and experience the vibrations of singing bowls, drums, and voice as they interact with your body on a cellular and energetic level.   

You don't need any skills, abilities, beliefs, or prior experience in meditation 

- Just come and taste the sound yourself! 

SOUND MEDITATION Sessions are available individually or As a group 

The music sound vibration space brings me so much joy continuously learning more about the power of vibration and sound since 2005. While starting with singing with her grandfather who played mandolin in my childhood years, I quickly expanded my musical palette by studying several instruments. "The most joy I experience is when I can create new compositions exploring fresh ideas; being fully present with the musical energetic flow and the energy in the room."

Over the years I have deepened my musical intuition to co-create the musical flow of sound with those in attendance to positively impact their lives and wellness. I am using a variety of crystal singing/sound bowls as well as Himalayan singing bowls. Each sound has a unique vibration.

If you like to experience the benefits of sound and deep relaxation of body and mind, please do not hesitate to reach out to schedule a session individually or in a group. 

"I love working with individuals who wish to find new and deeper forms of understanding of their body, mind, and soul, to balance our busy lives, release what no longer serves us, invite our heart and soul desires, and experience body-mind-soul well-being." 

Please contact me at to inquire about packages and pricing. 

Disclaimer:Sound Meditation is no medical treatment for any illness, nor medical care and diagnosing of any diseases. 

What people say about the experience of Sound Meditation with Ulli:

"It was an extraordinary experience where I experienced deep relaxation, very much needed being an entrepreneur."

"Ulli's sound is unique as she uses a variety of singing bowls and at times her voice. I enjoyed her voice the most."

"I was in a phase of grieving and the sound meditation calmed me. It was what I needed."

“When I eperience Ulli's sound meditation, my mind goes into a completely relaxed meditative state where I literally feel I am vibrating at anotehr level. I leave feeling relaxed, clear, and refreshed to take on whatever life's going to throw at me next.”

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