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Concert Series "Sound Voices" 

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Ulli Meta's 2023 concert series is a transcendental voyage into vibration and connection as she leads audiences with spontaneous creation on piano, voice, and drum. Every piece of every concert is unique and created sur place. Ulli creates her music through the energetic vibration of the universe and the room.  

Sound Voices guides you in deepening your connection—to your self, to others, to nature, and to the divine through the music and the moment's energy. In this world of disruption, uncertainty, and fear, Ulli invites you to find a deeper meaning and healing through awareness and beauty. Ulli's spontaneous creations draw from her diverse musical experience with classical, jazz, folk, and native music, and passages lead you down the path, unpredictably, gracefully, and poignantly.  

Sound Voices will happen at various independent musical venues throughout 2023. You can be the first to know as each date is announced. In addition, when adding your email below, you will receive a free Sound- Sketch monthly.  
The first concert "Constellation" - Sound Voices  
will be at Piano Forte 1335 S Michigan Ave in Chicago, IL on March 18, 2023 at 7 pm at  
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